Ethan John Cairns

Squad No. 23
Age 18
Position Forward
11 (2) 1 0 0

Name: Ethan Cairns

Position: Striker

Favourite other team(s): Elgin City

Favourite away ground: Turriff

Most memorable match(es): 4-2 Win with Fort William

Favourite goal(s): Scored at Tynecastle vs Hearts In a semi final

Funniest moment(s) on the pitch: Center Half was tackled by a dog in youth football

First football strip owned: Orange Netherlands strip

Most prized football possession(s): U11 Orkney Cup winners medal (Only ever trophy win)

Football idol(s): Wayne Rooney

Dream stadium to play at: San Siro

Favourite music to listen to pre-match: Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascada)

My dream five-a-side team:
(Gk)Ryan Esson
(Cb) Adel Taarabt
(Cm) Neymar
(Cm) Myself
(St) Michu

Favourite football boot: Nike Ctrs

Best advice given to me: Make the football your friend

Miscellaneous likes: Skiing

Miscellaneous dislikes: Spiders and Brown Bread

Favourite music artist(s): Drake

Favourite TV show(s): Brooklyn 99

Which person would you most like to meet and why? David Attenborough (Seems quite wise)

Ethan John Cairns