Calum Howarth

Squad No. 3
Age 28
Position Defender
41 (3) 1 0 4

Name: Calum Howarth

Position: Left back

Previous clubs: ICTFC, The Can Cans, Nairn County FC

Favourite other team(s): Manchester United FC

Favourite away ground: Played at Tynecastle for ICTFC u20’s which was a good experience, but in highland league Buckie away is always a good atmosphere

Most memorable match(es): Beating Buckie Thistle FC 6-2 at the Mosset stands out in my mind, along with beating Nairn away with a man down in 2017/18 I think it was

Favourite goal(s): Not too many to choose from 🤣 but I liked my goal for Forres against Wick at home a few years ago

Funniest moment(s) on the pitch: Probably taking a swipe at the ball and catching the fresh air (good bit of air time as well)

First football strip owned: No idea have had many over the years though!

Most prized football possession(s): My boots!

Football idol(s): Roberto Carlos, Paul Scholes

Dream stadium to play at: Old Trafford

Favourite music to listen to pre-match: Will probably get slated for this but I like country music, and a bit of Ed Sheeran

My dream five-a-side team:
Calum Howarth
Sergio Ramos
Paul Scholes
Wayne Rooney
Lionel Messi

Favourite football boot: Nike mercurial

Best advice given to me: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Miscellaneous likes:
Football, music, gym

Miscellaneous dislikes:
Pineapple on pizza

Favourite music artist(s): Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Queen, Luke Combs

Favourite TV show(s): Family Guy, Impractical Jokers, Prison Break

Which person would you most like to meet and why? Genuinely no idea.. they do say don’t meet your heroes 🤣

Calum Howarth