Lee Herbert

Squad No. 1
Age 23
Position Goalkeeper
26 3 2

Name: Lee Herbert

Position: Goalkeeper

Previous club: Buckie Thistle

Favourite other team(s): Arsenal

Favourite away ground: Victoria Park, Buckie Thistle

Most memorable match(es): Quarter Final and Semi Final when out in Spain with Ross County.

Funniest moment on the pitch: Jack Grant losing his front teeth.

First football strip owned: Rangers FC.

Most prized football possession(s): Scotland cap closely followed by the trophies won during the boys club days.

Football idol(s): Casillas and Neuer.

Dream stadium to play at: Emirates Stadium.

Favourite music to listen to pre-match: House/Rap.

My dream five-a-side team: Myself, Tyler Walker, Moray Skinner, Lucas Davidson and Marcus Goodall.

Favourite football boot: Puma Kings 👑

Best advice given to me: If in doubt, put it out.

Miscellaneous likes: Sour Patch Kids

Miscellaneous dislikes: Strikers

Favourite music artist(s): Taylor Swift

Favourite TV show(s): The Walking Dead

Which person would you most like to meet: Michael Jordan.

Lee Herbert