We are sure most of our fans are aware there has been a lot of news in the press recently in regards to a proposed new Conference League which would be placed above the Scottish Highland Football League and would feature Colt teams as well as a selection of teams from the Scottish Highland Football League and Lowland League.

Everyone at Forres Mechanics FC understand the need to review the current structure of Scottish Football, but as a club we feel that given the information that has been seen, this is NOT the way forward and we as a club would vote NO based on the current information we have seen in the media.

We, along with other clubs, are proud of our history and the fact that we are one of only two original members of the Scottish Highland Football League. Therefore we will do all we can to protect both our club and the League.

We would welcome the opinions of our supporters and anyone connected with the club on the proposed new Conference league, please comment on this post or feel free to send us a DM on our social media platforms – the Board are very interested to hear your views on the proposal.

We look forward to receiving your feedback 🟤🟡

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