Ruari Fraser Injury Update

Ruari Fraser has been a force in defence for Forres Mechanics. To lose him to a unbelievably unlucky injury sustained at a training session, is a massive loss for everyone.

I caught up with Ruari and asked him how he is doing and ultimately about his injury :

A : Hi, I’m all good thanks and hope you’re doing well.

The injury came from an inconspicuous block that I made in training but it was just the way I planted my foot after. There was a loud pop, so straight away I knew something wasn’t right. Instantly there was a lot of swelling, so I went to get X-rays to make sure there was no fractures and luckily there wasn’t. However I have torn a few ankle ligaments, so it’s far from ideal.

Haven’t been able to start rehab yet as there’s still a lot of swelling so not much the physio can do at the moment. Fingers crossed within the next week or two I’ll be back on my feet and starting the process back to fitness.
It’s difficult to put a date on it but I’ll be working hard to get back as soon as possible.

Rest up Ruari – everyone associated with the club sends their best wishes . Keep in touch because we will definitely want to know how your progressing ???

Ruari Fraser Injury Update
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