Lotto jackpot winner collects £3k cheque

Congratulations to Stephen Levy who scooped the £3,000 Lotto jackpot last month and collected his cheque from Sandy Dow from the club’s committee yesterday 👏🏻

The Lotto is a major contributor to the club’s finances.In addition to the weekly prizes, the club also makes annual donations to charities totalling £1000. Any charity wishing to find out how they can be considered for this, please get in touch with the club at 👍🏻

As always the club greatly appreciates all those who participate in the Lotto and we would encourage others to join – match 4 numbers for a minimum of £1,000 weekly with 4 lucky players each winning a raffle prize of between £25 & £100 or you could be a jackpot winner like Stephen and others with a rollover 1st prize of up to £3,000 up for grabs 💷

If you would like to join the Lotto please click on the for the form and the T&Cs – alternatively if you would like a form posted to you or for any queries please email

Thank you all for your continued support of the Cans-Cans! 🟤🟡

Lotto jackpot winner collects £3k cheque
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