Dale Wood Interview and Quick Fire Questions

Dale – it’s been an exciting few months for you . You’ve had concussion , a red card and this young team has been playing very well, but just haven’t made it over the line in some games ?

Yeah an eventful last few months for sure, the concussion came after a head knock against Buckie in the first half, I felt fine originally but with 2-3 minutes to go, I began to feel sick and felt very dizzy. I was sick constantly in the changing room and went to the hospital to have a CT scan as a precaution. The red card was frustrating as we gave so much to the game and I felt their striker went down looking for the penalty after taking it too wide round Knighty. The Ref has thought I called him a few things when it was infact directed at the player.
The team is young and with more experience, results against the bigger sides will come – there’s a good positive feel around the changing room about that.

Quick fire Questions :

1. Summer or Winter ?
A: Defo Summer for me every day of the week. Don’t know how people can enjoy the cold in winter!

2. Chicken Salad or Chicken Burger ?
A: Chicken Burger without a doubt

3. Favourite team so far at this World Cup ?
A: I’d say Argentina, would love to see Messi win it so I’m 100% backing them but Brazil have been great to watch so far.

4. If you could have a super power – what would it be and why ?
A: I’d probs say be able to turn back time, to relive some of the best times / nights etc I’ve had just one more time.

5. Best game you’ve played in this season ?
A: I’d probs say 5-0 win at Nairn or 1-0 away at Locos both personally and for the team. 👍🏻

6. You as a footballer in 4 words ?
A: Can’t seem to score.. that probs covers it 😂

7. Your perfect Christmas Dinner would be ?
A: Prawn cocktail for starter, the traditional turkey with all the trimmings and pudding would be some kind of cheesecake 👍🏻

8. What would your New Years Resolution be ? A: I’m not really one for making New Years Resolutions if i’m honest but if I had to say one thing, then I will say save money as I’ve a busy and exciting 2023 planned.

Dale Wood Interview and Quick Fire Questions
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